Requi-News: November 2022

Our online merchandise shop has been temporarily disabled. We do however have some leftover surplus stock to sell, mainly smaller sizes. If this interests you then please contact us through the social media links above, as this is now our main method of contact due to website technical issues.

Requi-Fest & ‘Operation Requiem’:

In October 2021, to celebrate Requiem Soundsystem’s 10th and 11th birthdays, we finally realised an ambition that had been in the making since the very beginning! Bringing it back to our roots, we sourced the original military vehicles that we used to do raves with from 2010 to 2012 and took over a farm in Somerset for a weekend of military-themed fancy-dress antics, with our brand new twenty-four bin / eight top pro-audio soundsystem (in full, for the very first time) and a huge line-up, showcasing artists and headliners that had supported us from the very beginning such as Vandal, T-Menace and Jacky Murda, alongside huge world-renowned Drum&Bass artists such as Ed Rush, Optical and Dillinja. Moving forwards, we are extremely happy to announce that this was a trial run for a larger festival we are planning for the future, with a hopeful launch date of 2024, entitled: OPERATION REQUIEM!

Now & The Future:

2022 has been a quieter year for us in the aftermath of this festival, as we start to get older and only do events when they are really really worth doing… With the Odyssey Vs. Requiem Sound-clash in February and the huge ’12 Years of Requiem Soundsystem’ rave in October, where we descended upon a warehouse near Devizes with our partners in crime Malfunktion and some friends from Devon (to celebrate finally retiring from the freeparty world), you can expect in future to only see our name when its something really quite special. So if you do… That means you should attend! Next up, we are providing the main stage with a huge WSX linkup at Tearout Weekender, in March 2023.

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